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Erik Aldrey is a Multi Awarded Mixing Engineer with over 30 years of experience with unforgettable collaborations like the Mix for the winning 2019 Latin Grammy Alternative song "Tócamela" by Los Amigos Invisibles and two Emmy Nominations the same year for the mix of the documentary "America First - Postville".

His talents started to get notice back in 2000 when he got nominated for a Grammy and Latin Grammy, both as Recording and Mix engineer.  Fast-forward to 2014 and with tons of albums mixed, he got a Latin Grammy nomination for “Record of the year” with "Escultura" by Guaco as a Mastering Engineer.

Erik have being side by side with artists like Duran Duran, Ladytron, Stereophonics, Soul Coughing, Tom Vek and Superthrillers amongst many.  Erik is a musician at heart, studied sound engineering and learned his craft by recording and touring for many years from the Analogue Tape era to today's sophisticated and versatile DAW's.  

“We are all artists, you play with instruments to create music and I take those sounds to make them have more impact, more energy and express the maximum amount of emotion”.

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